Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is a medium where two or more people at different locations can meet face-to-face in real time. There are two types of conferences one is point -to-point which connects two locations. Each site sees and hears the other sites at all times. Second one is Multipoint Conference which is a videoconference that connects to more than two sites through the use of a multi-point control unit, or MCU. Participants at all sites can hear one another at all times and see the site that is currently speaking.

In the video conferencing we can also share our presentation with other parties. Traditional videoconferencing was about audio-video communications to facilitate meetings without the burden of travel. Visual collaboration is much more; it is the combination of audio, video and data in real-time and store-and-forward applications.

Videoconferencing is cost-effective, when you consider the traveling costs, can improve work quality, increase productivity, reduce costs & saves the travelling time, improves communication. Groups can meet more frequently & critical meetings can be convened at short notice.

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